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Chinese furniture chain or an American discount store; indirect export – with the participation of an intermeiary from a given country; direct export – you introduce products to a new market yourself. We recommend The competitiveness of the enterprise is a key determinant of success How long does it take on average to expand into new markets? It is impossible to give an average amount of time neee for foreign expansion. It is easiest in EU countries, where you can often start a new project after 1-2 months. Exotic and distant markets have different regulations, work culture or even trips lasting 1-2 days each time.

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In addition, you nee to spend a lot of time on the analysis and observation of the market itself, so that you don’t miss the nuances that Wholesale Email List will affect the success of your business. All this means that expansion into new markets often takes up to a year or more from the first analyzes to the opening of the store. Expansion into new markets – threats and risks Expansion into new markets has many obvious advantages. If the domestic market is very saturate, you can spread your wings abroad, if no one sells what you sell there. You can even use the skimming strategy and free price positioning without reference to the tight Polish market.

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On the other hand, there is the risk of not knowing the realities or unforeseen event is large. The more distant the direction, the more potential hazards. For example, the Polish brands Lubella and Ɓowickie soon enjoye success after expanding into KYB Directory a new market in China. It turne out that the Chinese competition registere their trademarks on themselves. As you know, ignorance of the law is not a good excuse in case of trouble, so it is worth getting to know the foreign legal system thoroughly before expanding. A thorough analysis must be carrie out not only in relation to the country, but also to individual cities and regions. It is often less popular and cheaper towns that offer more interesting perspectives than large, highly competitive cities.

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