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So what can you do? What counts is the first impression, which in the case of hiring a new person is the onboarding of the employee . Ensure the well-being of new employees and provide them with the information they nee at the early stage of onboarding. It may be very helpful to develop internal communication proceures or conduct workshops. workshops with managers on building inter-employee relations). Many employees in the first period feel a lot of pressure and are overwhelme by new responsibilities. However, this stage is important in building a long-term relationship and loyalty.

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The first impression will be a topic for conversation on the Internet – on discussion forums, pages with opinions, Google’s business card. – Therefore, onboarding to work is a test for you as an employer. If the employee feels taken care of – you will win – sums Advertising Agency Mailing List up the specialist from Commplace. We recommend Individual development plan: it is worth supporting the employee’s development Fall recruitment season is here. Recruiting employees is becoming a priority for many logistics companies in the near future. However, before you post another ad from the “Logistics Employee Wante” series, verify whether your company has prepare good foundations to attract the best.

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How to increase the value of the company and brand in the eyes of customers and investors? Discover 3 effective ways September 29, 2021 Customer acquisition How to increase the value of the company and brand in the eyes of customers and investors? The company KYB Directory and brand exist for customers. It’s a fact. Investors are also an equally important group of stakeholders. Both of them (and above all their capital) are attracte by brands that are strong, consistent in their communication and respecte on the market. So how to increase the value of the company and brand if we are still at the stage of aspirations to become a leader.

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