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Be visible where they are looking for you Data and more data – that’s how to increase the value of the company How to increase company and brand value? Show references Be visible where they are looking for you 97% of Polish Internet users use the Google search engine. There is a very high probability that even now your potential customer is typing a phrase relate to your brand. Will it find your website easily? Here it is worth bearing in mind that almost 90% of them will only view the search results from the first page (there are only 10 pages on it.

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An if they belong to 63% of those who ask in the Google search engine, they will click on the first three links. What actions should be taken in this area to increase the company’s value? The conclusion is simple: if you are visible on the web – you will cease Canadian Hotels and Motels Email List to be an anonymous brand. This, in turn, will allow you to reach a potential recipient and increase brand awareness. As Sebastian Kopiej from the Commplace agency says: A high position in the search results is an important element of competing with the competition. It determines the company’s prestige and increases its potential.

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We recommend Brand attributes and building a competitive advantage How to advertise a company on the Internet ? It is important to realize that often the first step in the sales funnel. May be entering a phrase relate to your brand and clicking “enter”. Will your website appear there? It depends on you. What can you do? Use appropriate KYB Directory SEO tools. Marketing Conversion) that combine content marketing with sales. These, in turn, ultimately strengthen conversions and increase brand value. Data and more data – that’s how to increase the value of the company How can you attract investors or potential buyers of the company? Act on the principle: “When in doubt, reuce everything to numbers.

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