Chat development for a mobile application

Messengers have long become a part of our lives. How to ensure maximum speed, convenience and security of user communication in mobile format? We solved these problems by creating our own chat microservice. So let’s talk about this solution in more detail. We’ll tell you how to develop a chat for a mobile application from scratch.This is a good question, because there are ready-made modules on the software market that allow you to implement chat functionality. But the problem is that almost all such solutions, to one degree or another, do not meet the requirements of our clients. Chat development Let us outline their key problems: Ready-made solutions do not allow you to create a truly unique design.

Why create your own chat in a mobile application

This is not enough in cases where the developer strives to implement a unique and high-end UX in the application. Another serious drawback of ready-made chat modules Phone Number List is the extremely limited possibilities for scaling and further development of the product. In such a product it is impossible to implement new features and functionality at your own discretion; you will have to limit yourself to what the vendor offers. In the long run, using pre-built chat modules becomes too expensive. After all, you will have to pay for someone else’s service regularly – either by subscription or by the volume of traffic. Chat solutions are often monetized through traffic. The owner of the application must pay, relatively speaking, for a thousand messages in the service.

What are the key features needed for chat in a Chat development mobile app?

And if at release this is usually not a problem, then with the growing popularity of the application, costs increase significantly. So, having encountered several requests for the creation of mobile applications in our practice. We realized that the best solution was to develop a chat for a mobile application individually. In this model, the client pays for development only at the start. Freeing himself from the burden of further expenses on subscription fees KYB Directory or traffic. At the same time, he receives a custom solution. Adjusted to all the requirements of his business, and can develop it as he sees fit.  Almost everywhere. Applications for eCommerce, various online services, dating, platforms for online learning, corporate CRM and ERP, applications – all these products need reliable, convenient and secure online chat functionality.

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