The WEZOM personal account saved the HR department

In a broad sense, iOS application development begins with business HR department analytics and goal setting. To create a successful product, you must first study the market, audience and competitors. This will help you select an automation object, think through the business logic and draw up technical specifications for development. To create the simplest iOS application, What programming you will need a MacOS device, the Xcode development environment, and minimal programming skills. For many years, Apple’s core product development language was Objective-C, but in 2014 the company introduced the Swift programming language, which is simple and friendly enough for beginners.

What HR problems have we encountered?

Relevance of development for iOS We can name several personal account main reasons why development for iOS and, in particular. The iOS application programming language Swift is relevant: iOS devices are a huge market. The first problem is employee Phone Number List onboarding and offboarding . WEZOM has a specialist, People Partner, who brings all new team members up to date: talks about the company and its values, explains the charter, explains the features of business processes. But he lacked additional materials and tools to help newcomers adapt to the new environment and feel like part of the team. The fact is that WEZOM is a group of companies. It includes not only the IT company WEZOM itself, but also other related businesses, such as the Internet marketing agency Elit-Web.

What solution did we HR department choose?

Therefore, newcomers were often confused about the corporate structure, and managers often answered the same questions and explained the specifics of working in different teams. So we needed a universal onboarding solution that could give new employees KYB Directory a clear picture and resolve all issues. The second problem is staff training. For new employees, onboarding should personal account transition smoothly into the training phase. We really wanted to implement a kind of “temperature measurement” for beginners. A series of small regular tests that would help evaluate the effectiveness of onboarding. Do new employees understand the market and the company’s products? Have they understood the rules? How well they understand the business processes in their department. Testing should show how beginners’ awareness changes over time – after a week, after two weeks, over a month.

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