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For example, the head of a drill company buys an ad on his favorite gym or on a friend’s breakfast TV. Despite large expenditures, such advertising can bring practically zero profits. Therefore, it is worth getting to know your audience well at the beginning. Continuing the example with drills – selecting a dozen or even a few specialists who deal with the orders of such machines for construction sites would bring much better results. Organizing a trip, dinner or gift package for them could bring spectacular results. Although in theory the per capita expenses seem very high. Among other things, we deal with such analyzes for our clients on a daily basis at Commplace.

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We encourage everyone who wants to improve the image of their company in the coming year to contact us .Effective online sales, or what? March 6, 2022 online marketing Have you been feeling lately that customers are slowly leaving your Bahamas Phone Number List store? Do you do everything as before, and yet you feel like something is different than usual? It is very possible that your competitors lure them through channels that you do not use yet. Learn what effective online sales is! Effective online sales – how to improve the website and keep customers? Effective online sales.

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Instagram Does selling on Facebook really work? Effective online sales: aggregators and search engines The latest trends in e-commerce: Youtube, Tik-tok and what else? Amazon and Allegro and online sales According to the Gemius report prepare KYB Directory in cooperation with the Chamber of Electronic Economy, as many as 77% of Internet users have made purchases online at least once. Consumers like to buy online. It is convenient and practical for them. However, effective online sales is an art that requires taking rational, well-thought-out steps. How to sell effectively online.

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