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An original method of management and a way of contacting a commercial enterprise with various interest groups. . . ” – writes M. Mitręga in the work “Internet and relationship marketing” from 2003. Breaking it down into easy-to-use actions, for example: regular joint outings, conversations, e-mail exchange, taking care to provide customers and potential customers with useful content that can help them (templates, reports, e-books), gifts and greeting cards, taking care of bonuses for regular customers and regularly updating the offer. A very common problem is a situation in which a company does not care about a regular customer.

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After years of putting up with the lack of interest from business partners, this one will finally go to friendlier, modern competition. However, it would be enough to take care of image activities and positive relations for the client to stay with Azerbaijan Phone Number List the company. On the other hand, good relations with current customers make it easier to obtain references and referrals. Also, as in the B2C sector, many business owners must first get to know a partner before they decide to sign a contract with them. Image-building activities are aime, among other things, at constantly reminding about the company’s offer, so that at the moment of making a decision.

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A potential customer already trusts it. We recommend Image on the Internet – how to take care of it? What does not work in B2B image activities? We have already liste numerous B2B image-building activities that have been successful for years in KYB Directory company-to-company contacts. And what is not worth investing in? Since the most effective message is directe to the right group of recipients, you will have the opposite effect by directing marketing to people who will never be your customers. Often the personal ambitions or preferences of the business owner come into play.

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