To The Success Of These Classes Is To Create

We will integrate an old team of close-knit colleagues who nee a break from work differently than we will integrate new team members who do not know the rest of the group. Integration in the group involves providing team members with the opportunity to develop mechanisms that will later help them achieve their professional goals together, under the cover of having fun together and spending nice time outside of work. Such integration games include: culinary workshops with the participation of a master.

Relationships Base On Understanding

Which means that the participants can not only learn something interesting, but also have to do something that will teach them the division of duties and responsibility for the effect of teamwork, professions that teach healthy competition Slovenia Phone Number List and can be playe in the form of a relay, survival, which consists in running in extremely difficult conditions, while teaching that helping others is more important than achieving an individual goal, escape room, which requires group members to cooperate, use all available possibilities and think outside the box in finding a solution.

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Acceptance And Full Cooperation

Jointly implemente charity aid that teaches empathy, commitment to a higher goal and strengthens the morale of group members. Group culture and group integration The culture of the group shapes. Our expectations and attitudes, and they KYB Directory drive habits and create the future. It consists of share motivations, beliefs, goals and practices. Integration in a group requires the formulation. A unifying vision and a sense of mission that will lead people in the right direction. A sense of community is the key to building great teams. Integration in a group results in a better quality of cooperation and an increase in intimacy between team members.

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