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Interesting marketing campaigns will attract new and regular customers. It’s time to implement them in your company – contact us! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Marketing campaigns – ideas ambient marketing A one-off marketing campaign that uses non-standard meia bus shelters or park benches) or classic meia in an unconventional way. Ambient advertising is something fresh, unusual, outside the mainstream, something that attracts, intrigues, stands out from other advertisements. Ambient marketing has a high potential for interaction with your audience.

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An interesting ambient marketing campaign was prepare by KitKat. The company remodele city benches to look like a KitKat candy bar. The aim of the campaign was to encourage people to take a “sweet” break with a candy bar – the brand advertises South Korea Phone Number List itself with the slogan “Time for a break, time for KitKat”, which was perfectly emphasize by the marketing campaign. viral marketing Viral marketing is an interesting marketing tactic designe to create buzz around a brand. The company provides a carefully prepare advertising message on its social channels. It can be a meme, a graphic with an appropriate description or a short video. Viral advertising is suppose to affect emotions.

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It can entertain, move, etc. The most important thing is that it is tailore to the recipients and interesting enough to make them want to share it further. Viral marketing is about advertising spreading like a virus! Examples of successful viral KYB Directory marketing campaigns include: Allegro “What are you looking for this Christmas?”, Doritos “A song of ice and fire”, or the Re Bull Stratos mission. modern methods of employee development March 11, 2022 Employer branding By investing in the development of employees, you invest in the entire company! Perfectly qualifie employees who constantly improve their competences.

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