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Expansion into new markets and foreign positioning Foreign positioning – a task for professionals 3 foreign positioning strategies Expansion into new markets – the most common mistakes Is this a good time to expand into new markets? Expansion into new markets and assessment of the company’s financial situation Expansion into new markets – summary For years, the following have been at the top of the list of Polish export destinations: Germany, The czech republic, Great Britain France Italy.

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The proximity and simplicity of trade with these countries make it relatively easy to expand, especially when it comes to our neighbours. Researching the market’s potential alone will not be costly, and there is no shortage of consulting firms specializing Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List in the German or French market. But these are not the only directions of expansion into new markets. The top ten also includes the US and Russia. The first market offers a chance to be present in the meia or on the most important shopping streets in the world, as evidence by the case of the Inglot cosmetics brand or the success of the designer Magda Butrym in the world of celebrities.

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On the other hand, Russia is a huge market, often overlooke in expansion plans, which is a gateway to the post-Soviet countries. No wonder that in Russia you can buy Local Heroes clothes , in Kazakhstan you can buy Śnieżka paints, and in KYB Directory Russia, Belarus and Bulgaria – vehicles of Pesa from Bydgoszcz . Polish sugar travels to Lebanon , and Mokate coffee is drunk in Saudi Arabia . Recently, rapidly developing countries in Asia are in vogue, especially China, where Polish producers of food, construction equipment and interior furnishings already export. We recommend Launching a product on the foreign market – how to do it effectively? Expansion into new markets – where to start? It is worth starting each expansion into new markets with their analysis.

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