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The packaging must include name of the food, list of ingreients with particular emphasis on ingreients causing allergies or intolerances and indication of the percentage of the most important ingreients, net amount of food, We recommend Price positioning – how to build it? Base on the information provide by these authorities, a quality and safety assurance system should be develope and implemente. This system is primarily proceures and instructions that all employees must follow and that must take into account all changes in production.

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If you want to confirm the quality of your product, you can submit an application to the Provincial Inspectorate of Agricultural and Food Telecommunications Email List Quality for confirmation of commercial quality. Introduction of a food product to the market – strategies When introducing a new food product to the market, after identifying who the target group is , the company can use one of the following marketing strategies: A quick “creaming” strategy, or skimming strategy . It means that the company sets the high price of the product. At the same time, it uses intensive promotional activities, and then, as sales increase, so does the profit.

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This solution is most often use by companies whose products are not known on a given market. The strategy of slow “creaming” is where the company sets a high price for the product, but at the same time reuces marketing expenses. This solution KYB Directory is beneficial when the market is limite, competition is low and the company is in an unthreatene position. Rapid market penetration strategy. The company sets a low price for the product, while using intensive promotional activities, thanks to which the company’s market share is quickly increase. This solution is use when the market is quite large and awareness of the existence of the product is relatively low.

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