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Makes a choice between available and previously known brands. However, the final choice, and thus the specific consumer behavior, is influence by various circumstances. These are . time pressure, availability, the complexity of the purchase process, the desire to have something new, or avoiding risk. Instruments influencing consumer behavior In the conditions of intense competition, the nee to analyze consumer behavior is becoming more and more important. Purchasing behavior resulting from nees and expectations consists in making choices between the possibilities that are available on the market. Factors determining consumer decisions.

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Are the basis of strategic decisions, becoming the foundation of marketing activities. Consumer behavior results from the individual perception of nees, including the entirety of objectively and subjectively define, rational and emotional, conscious and Barber and Hair Salon Email List unconscious moves when making decisions about the choice of specific consumer goods. They are determine by many factors: demographic, economic, social, cultural and psychological. We recommend Marketing environment and its importance for business Properly selecte marketing instruments can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of customers, creating their consumer behavior.

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Commonly use sources of consumer information can be divide into internal (memory, associations, conclusions) and external (advertisements, recommendations). There are various, deliberately create instruments affecting consumers and KYB Directory their behavior on the market. They are relate to: – product (product, packaging, logo, brand), – price (price, discounts, discounts.  Distribution (type of point of sale, distribution channel), – promotion (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations). Start building your brand image More and more often, a significant impact on consumer behavior on the brand image, and its building and maintaining at the appropriate level requires a lot of time and intensive activities.

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