What Factors Influence Conversion Rate In Shopee & Lazada

While Lazada and Shopee differ from one another in many ways, they share a common factor when it comes to what affects conversion rates. We will mention only a few of them that you as a seller can control.

Price competitiveness
The main reason people prefer to shop online is because they hope to save a little money from it. With that said, it makes sense that the product with the lowest price with the highest value wins.

Online shopping has a reputation for making some customers dissatisfied with the products they purchased because the product images do not accurately match the actual product. The reasons for dissatisfaction can also vary, but you have the power to influence what impression you leave on customers. If positive, it will definitely encourage buyers to leave great reviews on your PDP which will definitely encourage more people to buy from you.

Interesting main picture

As mentioned, you should be careful about adding images that do not accurately reflect the actuality of your product. But at the same time, you should do your best to take attractive and professional product images. These images have an influence on whether users are converted to buyers.

Clear product description.
Since customers don’t have Latest Mailing Database the luxury of inspecting products in physical form, it’s best to provide your PDP with accurate, reader-friendly product descriptions.

Don’t exaggerate the benefits. Write the description in a way that reflects the prospect’s daily struggles.

Remove product title
You can think of your product title as a kind of shorter version of the product description. When a buyer searches for a product, he will choose the PDP that best reflects the product he needs. Therefore, choose your words when thinking about product titles.

The best advice we can give you here is to do keyword research so you can place the right terms in the titles that customers are looking for.

Check out our post on Keyword Research – How to Find the Best Search Terms for Lazada and Shopee .

Additional offers vouchers bundles free shipping

Latest Mailing Database

The way to maintain your conversion rate is to encourage people to make purchases. Just keep them engaged. You can do this by making customers feel that they are getting the most value when they buy from your store. The form can be in the form of giving vouchers, bundles, free shipping promos, and others.

Competitor Status
This is a minor factor we would like to add here. When you sell online, it’s not just between you and the prospect. There is someone in the middle and that someone is your competition.

Right at the heart of the problem, if a KYB Directory competitor has a better price than you or a better product description, customers will buy from them instead of you.

With that said, while you’re paying attention to all the other conversion rate factors we’ve listed here, you also need to pay attention to where your competitors are currently.

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