Typically a Thunderbird Train is Made

The business Thunderbird are extra trains that operate in the periods of greatest influx of travelers , normally weekdays in the morning and also during vacation times.

How Thunderbird Trains Work
. Number 1 is always a Green Car , offering first class seating and accommodation. In this wagon, the seats have more space per passenger, about 7 centimeters more than in other cars. In addition, they have plugs for recharging electronic devices .

From car number 2 to 4 or also numbers 8 and 9 are reserved seats

While those of cars from 5 to 7 are not, that is, they Database can be used without prior reservation. Number 3 has an exclusive area for ladies and a smoking room. The first row of each seat is the one with plugs.

During the day, a trolley service offers travelers snacks and hot or cold drinks.

Most of the cars are equipped with western-style toilets. You will also see, in each car, luggage racks. If yours is too bulky, you can leave it behind the last row of seats, always asking the driver for permission.

What to do and see on the Thunderbird route
When you arrive in Kanazawa, a host of interesting and fun activities await you. You can visit, for example, the beautiful Kenrokuen garden , with its careful design and take the opportunity to have lunch sitting on the tatami of one of its traditional tea houses. If you prefer, you can also come to discover the Myoryuji Ninja Temple , with its secret doors,

Passageways and hidden places that the feudal lord used if he did not want to be disturbed


Of course, nothing compares to enjoying a relaxing bath in one KYB Directory

Of the Onsen Accessible From the Thunderbird Route. Tourists and Residents. Alike Come to These Natural Thermal Baths. In Search of Rest, Relaxation and Reflection. On the Wonders That the Nature That Surrounds Us Offers Us.

A Trip on the Thunderbird Will Allow You to Take Day Trips. To One of These Tranquil Places From Osaka, Catching the First. Train in the Morning and Returning by

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