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What the menu card will look like depends on the nature and length of the event. For a short event, an elegant dinner consisting of two courses and a dessert is enough. For a longer event, it is good to order catering, which, apart from hot dishes, will offer platters with cold snacks and cakes. You can also consider preparing a country table with homely, regional food. Corporate integration trip Getting away from everyday life is an extremely important element of integration trips. The efficiency of employees depends on how reste they are. On it, in turn, the direct profits of the company depend to a large extent.

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Therefore, a great idea to integrate all people working in a given company is to organize a trip. The best time for a company trip is May or September. These are the months when the weather in Poland is already good, it is warm and there is a SMS Gateway Norway possibility of sightseeing. Most seasonal facilities are also already open. However, it is still not the holiday season when most people decide to go on vacation. Thanks to this, you can get attractive discounts for a group trip and avoid crowds. Commplace training center – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Integration event for employees – ideas An integration event for employees should take place in a relaxe, casual atmosphere.

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It’s best to spend time actively and have fun together. One of the proven ideas is the organization of various types of competitions. In general, they integrate people in a positive way, awaken the spirit of competition and stimulate creative KYB Directory thinking. Not to mention the great fun they provide! Another solution may be to prepare a field game. Such outdoor fun, however, requires careful preparation. But other games, such as puns or scenario games, also nee to be planne in advance.

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