To Familiarize Themselves With The Brand Offer

How to choose topics to make them engaging? There are special programs that analyze the behavior of individual customers. All actions taken must be consistent with the vision and mission of the company – it is the benchmark. From the beginning, the Rekol brand has emphasize that its task is to provide quality products – in line with the expectations of the modern consumer. Another asset of the company is its Polish identity.

This In Turn Can Translate Into

Rekol positions itself as a brand that manufactures and packs all products in Poland. And these are the distinguishing features of the company. Rekol brand – positioning Brands most often expect conversions and sales from positioning. The primary Brazil Phone Number List goal is to build company awareness among consumers. In order for the campaign to be effective, it is necessary to generate appropriate traffic on the website. We also took such actions for Rekol – work and opinions are one thing. However, positioning is a long-term process that must be properly adapte to consumers. Rekol – work in social meia The next step was to build the brand’s position in social meia.

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An Increase In Sales And Real Profits

Ad there is something to fight for. About 26 million people use social meia in Poland. The Internet itself, and as many as 32 million Poles. No wonder that e-commerce is growing at a 12% rate, and there are more and more stores operating online in our KYB Directory country every year. The Rekol brand is positione in the meia as a quality supplier of innovative solutions. Fabric dyes make it possible to change the appearance of decorative elements in the apartment, pillowcases, as well as already worn clothes. And all in accordance with the principle of zero waste and circular economy. Activities in social meia are aime not only at selling Rekol products.

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