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Instead, IKEA focuses on targete, concise advertisements or emotionally moving online campaigns. Is it possible to draw a conclusion from this, or is the era of image folders over? NO! Still, such materials can perform a very important function: improve the creibility of the company, they are a knowlege pill for investors or clients, allow you to clearly present the mission or history of the company, show that the company has a budget for representational activities. Currently, however, there is another problem that has certainly contribute to the fact that IKEA no longer produces its image folders.

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Some audiences may be reluctant to print high-volume glossy brochures when the same information can be put online for free. Accusations of wasting resources will be strongest in industries relate to environmental protection Czech Republic Phone Number List or ecology. There, the only solution would be to print such an image folder on handmade paper with sees, on recycle paper, etc. We recommend Brand archetypes – how to use them in sales? Image folder – circulation and recipients Taking all this into account, it is not worth investing in too large an image folder.

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Everyone remembers at least one situation when, after a trade fair or other official event, expensive, meticulously detaile folders of one of the companies end up in the trash cans practically unopene. This can make the investor who paid for them KYB Directory break the heart. Therefore, it is not worth giving such company gadgets to everyone. There is a psychological mechanism whereby we value rare things and like to feel special. For example, it is not worth placing a stack of image folders at the entrance to the plant, or adding them to each letter, employee package or bill. It will be better to give them only to the best customers or the most promising contractors who will appreciate a tasteful gift.

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