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System for printing warehouse and shipping labels, intelligent and active packaging that helps to preserve and control the freshness of products, automatic stock tracking and supply replenishment, automation of orders from contractors, barcode scanning. As the example of InPost shows, process automation does not have to mean that logistics in the company will lose its human face. If you nee to plan mailing sequences or branding mailing communication to your customers, please contact us. The biggest (advertising) problems of Polish entrepreneurs August 9, 2021 Customer acquisition.

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The biggest (advertising) problems of Polish entrepreneurs What are the biggest problems of Polish entrepreneurs? Of course, many of them will point to the law, taxes or the general climate for entrepreneurship. However, in this text we will look at what are the typical problems when it comes to marketing and advertising. Image problems Construction Email List of Polish entrepreneurs Do Polish entrepreneurs invest in advertising and how? Problems of Polish entrepreneurs in the clash with foreign countries Do Polish entrepreneurs use marketing? Problems of Polish entrepreneurs with employees Image problems of Polish entrepreneurs In the research, entrepreneurs mention rising labor costs, bureaucracy and unfriendly law among their biggest problems.

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Face with such problems, Polish entrepreneurs sometimes lack the enthusiasm to deal with less pressing issues. And after all, their image, advertising KYB Directory or marketing depends on whether they will be or not! Experts point to anti-crisis prevention, which can help when an image disaster is not yet on the horizon. In short, it’s about initiating and emphasizing activities that put the image in a favorable light. It’s a good idea to gather potential issues and discuss your opponent’s possible arguments before they even arise.

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