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How to prove their impact on the financial results of our company? The AVE public relations index, which was first use in the 1940s, comes to the rescue. The abbreviation AVE ( Advertising Value Equivalent ) means exactly the advertising equivalent. It is an indicator that helps public relations agencies assess the effectiveness of their activities. It is expresse in the amount of money that would have to be for a given article, taking into account its size, rank, or the number of readers of the publication.

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Realistically, an article on the front page has a completely different value than a small column at the back. In the case of a newspaper or a television programme, the surface area of ​​the article and its duration are taken into account. On the other hand, on Italy Phone Number List the Internet, for example, the number of page views is taken into account, the number of articles publishe on it within a month. Do you want to know if your public relations activities are effective? We know how to calculate and use marketing indicators! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you And VE public relations – does it still make sense.

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In the era of universal access to the Internet, the development of social meia and.  Above all, influencer marketing , the AVE indicator is increasingly difficult to calculate and increasingly meaningless. Short, two-sentence texts poste on KYB Directory blogs or Instagram are often more effective than an exclusive interview, hence it has little to do with the size and number of pages. Moreover, the AVE index takes into account only the length of the message and its location. There are many other effective marketing metrics to help you measure the value of your PR. It is worth knowing and using all of them.

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