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A well-known brand is already associate with specific benefits, and a brand new one has yet to earn its position and gain the trust of potential customers. The most common strategies use when introducing a product to the commercial network include: – price strategy, base on building a competitive advantage base on an attractive price. Its opposite is non-price competition , – a mass marketing strategy whose task is to satisfy the average consumer by means of such tools as promotions, bonuses, gifts, samples or tasting campaigns. Do you want to increase sales? Check what tools we recommend.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to introduce a product to retail chains step by step Taking into account the most frequently use strategies of introducing a product to the commercial network, the first stage of this process is a strategic Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Email Lists analysis of opportunities and threats resulting from the appearance in a new distribution point. Equally important is the analysis of competitor prices to be able to provide the most attractive alternative. It is no less crucial to consider specific and multidimensional marketing activities that encourage you to choose a specific product among others that are equally available. We recommend Consumer trends – notice, understand, apply! Due to the variety of entities offering their products in retail chains, there are many ways to classify new products.

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An innovative product, which was create as a result of improving production. Adding new functionalities and significant features not present in the competition. 2. A re-merchandise product that was introduce to the market in order to increase sales by KYB Directory changing the composition of the marketing mix. 3. Improve product, which is an improve variant of a product available on the market. 4. Complementary product , a product that complements the existing product lines. 5. Product or product variants adapte to the nees of new, selecte market segments.

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