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There are also plastic gears, but you should not expect too much durability in this case – with a higher load, the material will simply break. If you decide to spend a little more on a reel, it is worth choosing from those with an aluminum spool. Corona Fishing – opinions on reel materials The material from which the reel is made is of great importance. Different materials with different properties are available on the market. Sufficiently good – they are a guarantee of quality and extend the life of the reel. Importantly, the material of manufacture primarily determines the price of the entire reel.

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In the highest quality equipment, craftsmen use stainless steel, as well as additional coatings, ceramic, chrome or nickel. Of course, there are also connoisseurs of unusual solutions among anglers. They require specially designe reels with elements China Business Fax List of gold or platinum. By far the most popular are aluminum reels, and their value for money is right. Maintenance and cleaning of reels – Corona Fishing reviews. The reel is a lot of moving parts that require special attention from the angler, regular maintenance. It will serve us longer and will avoid unpleasant surprises during fishing. Factors affecting the damage of the reel in the vast majority of cases cannot be avoide.

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After all, how to fish and at the same time protect the reel from water or pollen and sand? We at Corona Fishing are well aware of this. The opinions and experiences of our specialists confirm the assumption that maintenance is really important, so we KYB Directory have prepare some practical tips for you. „ Every angler can maintain the reel himself. Taking care of your equipment should be a regular habit. Appropriate tools are available on the market to clean reels. And what can affect its quality? The reel is damage by rain and water in general. Regular swimming in the lake is not good for the equipment.

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