Plan to increase advertising budgets in 2013 according to report

It’s been a successful year for small businesses (smbs) across the united states, and much of that can be attributed to advertising. In fact, a recent press release from ad-ology research revealed almost 31 percent of these enterprises intend on spending more on marketing this year than they did in 2012.

In addition to traditional methods of promoting Plan to increase  their business, such as word of mouth and distributing booklets and flyers, smbs reportedly plan to increase the amount of mobile and digital marketing that they do. One reason for this is because small businesses foresee themselves generating more revenue than in the year before.

For the third consecutive year

More than half of all small businesses are confident that their sales will increase,” says ceo of ad-ology research c. Lee smith. “Mobile marketing will be increasingly important to small businesses in 2013 – 30.5 percent of smbs will use mobile advertising, apps or texting as part of their advertising due in part to its ability to geo-target potential customers.”

The press release also stated that telephone list approximately 23.5 percent of smbs will raise the amount of money they spend on website development and 20.5 percent will put the optimization of their websites for search engines at the top of their to-do list this year.

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By speaking to a knowledgeable representative

You can learn more about what real time advertising can do to help your company get to the top and achieve the goals you’ve set for the new year.
Here are some tell-tale signs that it may KYB Directory be time to say goodbye to the firm you are working with and hire a new one, courtesy of imedia connection, a media and marketing information website:

1) your advertising agency promises to Plan to increase  make something go “Viral”
It’s every small business owner’s dream to hear that their online marketing company is going to make their campaign go “Viral.” however, in most cases, those that do go “Viral” are completely by chance. Promising these kind of results is a red flag that something isn’t right.

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