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For example, a few years ago, the nee to make a transfer to the account number provide in an e-mail meant that customers made a purchase, but later often delaye or forgot about the payment. The incorporation of fast online banking into the website engine, and later the addition of the BLIK payment function, meant that after clicking “pay” practically no one resigne from the purchase. You can modify the customer journey in many other ways. Sometimes it is enough to add a larger “buy” button on the page, making it easier for customers to make decisions. Other times, a series of interconnecte details require changes that make the customer unsure what the store sells, how to pay, etc.

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The final stage of the EKB model: after purchase All steps of the EKB models are to provide you with sales support and ultimately: a new deal. However, do not ignore what after the purchase! There are many opportunities here, but also pitfalls: according Nursing Homes Email List to the founder of Happy Returns, customers normally return 5-10 percent. goods purchase in the store and even 15-40 percent. those ordere online. Keep this percentage as low as possible by providing quality products, product photos and descriptions, and post-purchase support. By maintaining a relationship with the customer after the transaction, you can persuade them to buy in the future. Offer discounts, newsletters and special offers. The client can provide you with testimonials and positive feeback, and reference marketing is in its golden age.

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It is much easier to persuade an existing customer to buy than to acquire a new one. At Commplace, we offer support at every stage of the EKB KYB Directory model so that you can maximize your profits. Recommendation systems – use them well! August 3, 2021 Customer acquisition Recommendation systems – use them in your on-line (and off-line) store Algorithms understand the shopping habits of Internet users better and better. use it! Recommendation systems base on what your users buy will be a great support.

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