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Consumer nees and behavior Marketing thinking begins with the realization of human nees and desires. As Kotler points out, marketing is a social and managerial process through which specific groups receive what they nee and want to achieve by creating, offering and exchanging products of specific value. Manufacturers and retailers first nee to be aware of who their target audience is . They also nee to know what nees the products or services they offer are intende to meet. Thanks to this knowlege, they will be able to accurately target the desire to satisfy them in their marketing messages.

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Human nees are characterize by the fact that they are arrange hierarchically – from the most basic, physiologically determine, to higher nees, implementing human life values. We recommend Company ambassador – do you nee one? Knowlege Mortgage Brokers Email List about nees and motivation allows you to design appropriate marketing strategies. Thanks to them, by launching a specific motivational process or by evoking appropriate emotions, companies encourage the consumer to buy a given product. Understanding consumer nees can explain some consumer behavior – for example, a sudden interest in a hitherto unnotice product. It also allows you to develop marketing strategies conducive to influencing such behavior and respond to changing consumer trends.

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Choice and consumer behavior A lot of consumer behavior is habitual, repetitive and compulsive. In fact, only with some purchases do we think about the choice in a conscious and reflective way. Therefore, it is good to know the consumer’s decision-making KYB Directory process . Realizing the possibility of choice usually appears only when the consumer begins to notice the discrepancies between the existing state and the desire state. This usually leads to an increase search for information about ways (products or services) that will fill the gap. And this is where the use of various marketing tools comes into play. In reflective choices, the consumer evaluates the considere alternatives due to their different characteristics.

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