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The value of the product is determine by the quality of raw materials.  Which is why the plant focuses on maintaining proper relations with local suppliers. A dairy plant is not a self-sufficient system. The effects of his work fully depend on the suppliers. What’s more, the role of high-quality partners is systematically growing, and relations with them are treate as an intangible resource of MOŃKA’s MSM. Working on maintaining the right relationships is a strategic goal of the company and often requires a departure from the typical classic approach to cooperation. True and authentic relationships are the key to success.

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The identity of the organization is create not only by the strategy of operation or the culture of the organization, but also by communication with stakeholders – customers, employees and suppliers. MSM MOŃKI – manufacturer of the highest Netherlands Mobile Number List quality dairy products Control at every stage is an extremely important goal for MSM MOŃKA. Work on the expansion and modernization of the production line has significantly increase the milk processing capacity to 1,000,000 liters per day. The production of the highest quality dairy products is possible mainly thanks to maintaining high standards.

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Which are confirme by the quality certificates awarde to the cooperative. Quality control of dairy products begins at the dairy and is a necessary element both.  During transport and during the various stages of production. Trust in KYB Directory employees is crucial here. The team must be properly traine, equippe with intuitive monitoring systems and clear operating proceures. The company’s reputation affects its financial performance and market position. In addition, a good reputation is a kind of safety buffer for the company in the event of crisis situations.

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