Major television network forms advertising and media agency

Univision television network may be known for its news broadcasts. And, over-the-top, cheesy spanish soap operas, but the broadcasting corporation’s reputation. May change in the near future if all goes according to plan. According Major television network  to various. Sources, today, univision is predicted to disclose that it is forming the company’s first-ever. Advertising and media agency. The department will be known as univision agency and is expected. To come up with promotional material for the company’s news, radio. And digital shows and even offer analysis and artistic services for its. Client companies within and outside the network.

It’s a recognition that we are growing and that we have many

New assets that we have to media-plan for,” president and chief executive of univision communications randy falco said in a statement to the new york times. ”we have to try harder than most of our english-language counterparts. Many in the buying communities don’t watch what we put on or don’t feel the passion for the content that we put in.”

The unit will control $500 million in advertising inventory across. Therefore, all of the network’s platforms. The agency, based in miami, will have 65 employees, including current staff and new hires. Jessica rodriguez, univision’s executive Major television network  vice president for program scheduling and promotions, will lead the operation.

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Make sure your ads are locally based if possible

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