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Strategic consulting prepares managers to cope with the pressure and expectations of various groups with whom they come into contact on a daily basis – with employees or supervisory boards. Corporate strategic consulting and CSR Strategic consulting is relate to the issue of corporate social responsibility. CSR is the responsibility of companies for their impact on society. It is investing the company in human resources, environmental protection, or relations with the environment and informing about the actions taken.

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The common components of CSR and strategic consulting include: cultural, social, technological and economic trends, market environment, adopte social norms and principles, demographic changes, cultural differences. We recommend Cameroon Phone Number List Areas of CSR that are worth introducing in your company CSR activities should be well planne, long-term and consistent with the vision and mission of the company, therefore they should be include in the company’s development strategy and business plan. Thanks to this, they will be effective, creible and well perceive by the environment. Sales of tourist services – how to protect yourself against the crisis? March 5, 2022 online marketing.

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The owners of tourism companies have not had an easy (professional) life lately. Many had to quickly learn modern forms of marketing and rise to the heights of creativity in.  Order to earn a stable income. What should the sale of tourist services KYB Directory look like in such times? Sale of tourist services – business not only seasonal Unusual sale of tourist services. How to get out of the disaster face? As close to the customer as possible. Modern forms of marketing Sale of tourist services – business not only seasonal.  The first thing worth doing to secure the sale of tourist services in difficult times is to expand the customer base and extend the season.

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