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The perfect reel – opinion of Corona Fishing When choosing the perfect reel model, we should also pay attention to the capacity of the spool. It is this parameter that will tell us what length and thickness of the line we will wind on the spool of the reel. This information can be found on the packaging in the form of a table showing the thickness of the line in meters. For example: 0.20/140 will tell us that a 0.20 mm line will fit on a 140 m spool. Why should we know this? First of all, to buy the right line and prepare for winding it.

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Corona Fishing reel The weight of the reel is something that you should also pay attention to when buying. The bigger it is, the more it will weigh, but the type of material it is made of also has an impact on the weight. The weight of the reel also Brazil Business Fax List translates into the weight of the entire rod and here it is worth saying that the lightest ones will not always be the best. Yes, in spinning you aim for a rather small weight, but when using the ground method, heavier rods are appreciate. This is another parameter that we should choose base on our own nees. Corona Fishing – opinions on the weight of the reel The weight of the reel matters, but it is not the key factor.

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However, it is said that the small the reel, the betr. Another aspect is spool capacity. When we see such parameters: 0.20/200, it means that the reel will fit 200 meters of line with a diameter of 20 millimeters. The thickness of the line KYB Directory should be adapte to the catch of a specific type of fish. Big fish should be with thick lines – but every experience angler knows that. What the reel is make of – opinions of Corona Fishing. The materials from which the reel is make . Most often, plastic or other plastics are use. The material from which the gear was make should attract our attention. It should be metal, because only it guarantees a long life of the reel.

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