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Impersonal, vague explanations from courier companies can annoy customers. For example, InPost has a different strategy. Cheerful communication shows the package’s journey as an adventure, and allows the customer to count down when the item will reach its destination. In fact, there’s still a lot you can come up with here. For example, games come to mind in which the customer, while waiting for his package, can play the role of a courier or delivery drone himself . There has probably not yet been a courier company that would offer live tracking of a package using a camera view from a delivery truck.

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The future belongs to such solutions, increasingly marginalizing the role of the suppliers themselves. Delivery drones, which are already appearing here and there, may be the answer to the logistic problems of Polish enterprises, especially in Building Construction and General Contractors Email Lists fast, local deliveries of light products. We recommend Strategic management in an enterprise as the key to success? Logistics problems of Polish enterprises and automation Those who have not yet starte to define logistics problems in the company and implement the strategy, often fear that they will not be able to cope with the changes. Meanwhile, it may turn out that it is very simple and that it translates into real savings in the company.

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This is especially true for the automation of processes where previously an employee had to be responsible for everything. In the era of the dominance of Amazon and other large stores, it is impossible to compete by manually filling in labels KYB Directory and sending each package separately at the post office. Below are some ideas on how to introduce automation into the operation of the company and reuce some of the basic logistics problems face by Polish entrepreneurs: signing a contract with a courier company and negotiating individual conditions (favorable hours for collecting parcels, assistance in packing, etc.

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