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Employees may encounter various problems at work, there may be conflicts, disputes and misunderstandings that affect the effect of the overall work. Therefore, the composition of the team cannot be accidental, force or impose by the employment structure. The criteria for selecting members should result from the tasks set for the team as well as personal preispositions and competences. The team leader must develop a sense of when to say something and when not to.

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Inappropriate criticism of one person can disrupt the communication of the whole group. Tactless behavior can increase unnecessary distance. Intimacy-building team meetings will help build trust and strengthen leadership while increasing respect for all group members. We recommend Individual development plan: it is worth supporting Luxembourg Phone Number List the employee’s development Communication in the group and its most important elements Effective group communication has a clear goal: to exchange information, thoughts and ideas, and to share knowlege and ideas. It sounds very simple, although the process is not the easiest.

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All because each person is different, each team is different, and each company shapes the relationships between employees differently. Communication in the group should be shape by various tailore tools leading to effects that have a positive impact KYB Directory on team members. The most important components of effective communication are: active listening, care for the correct flow of information, openness to the nees and opinions of others, providing constructive feeback and the ability to extinguish fires resulting from various types of crisis situations. In order for these elements to be implemente, words, gestures, sounds, letters, numbers or symbols.

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