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How to reach the right target group with this type of assortment? We present a case study of the Corona Fishing brand. The work we have done can prove that a properly selecte brand communication strategy brings results. Corona Fishing – work on brand building Corona Fishing is a shop that was create out of passion for fishing. Its range has been carefully selecte to meet the nees of consumers. How to promote this type of brand? The key was to select the group of consumers. These include wealthy people who appreciate Corona Fishing products.

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The work of craftsmen – anglers consists in the precise selection of semi-finishe products, from which elegant rods and lures are create. The scope of tasks performe for the brand includes: Brand strategy PR campaign Brand Defense Strategy Hong Kong Phone Number List Content HUB fishing Corona Fishing – working on the brand strategy A luxury brand strategy requires a special approach. It is necessary to verify the channels of reaching customers. However, the most important thing is to show the public the goals and mission of a given company. In the case of Corona Fishing, the company’s job is not to sell products. The primary goal is to spread fishing among hobbyists.

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As well as to promote hand-made rods. It is also about promoting passion and spending time outdoors. Research shows that when making purchasing decisions, affluent consumers seek advice from friends, read prestigious magazines, and KYB Directory websites for hobbyists. It is important that the brand has an interesting history. And that’s what Corona Fishing has. Work on building a sales strategy is easier when a company is create out of passion and love for a specific field. PR campaign for the brand Why is a PR campaign so important? Consumers are intereste in the opinions of others.

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