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You definitely nee to take care of internal communication ! How? Carefully selecte group integration games can be helpful! Employees will undoubtely work on the ability to communicate efficiently during the joint construction of the Goldberg machine. The Goldberg machine is a device consisting of various elements, operating on the principle of cause and effect – one mechanism drives another, etc. The task of the participants is to build individual parts of the machine from various gears, levers, blocks and more. When the parts are put together, they should create a well-functioning machine.

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This increibly interesting and addictive group integration game, apart from effective communication, requires from the participants good organization of work, the ability to rationally divide duties, cooperation, commitment and a bit of Bulk SMS Services in Ghana creativity. A great exercise for communication and active listening is the game “Listen to what I’m going to tell you”. Participants pair up. Each person’s task is to provide their partner with the most important information about themselves – including interests, pets, children’s names, eucation, etc. Then each person must introduce their partner to the rest of the group, telling what they manage to remember.

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Among the interesting group integration games that improve communication in the group, we will also mention the game “Helicopter”. The facilitator divides the group into two teams. Each team gets a card with the name of the machine or vehicle KYB Directory mower, truck. The task of the teams is to present the slogan using only body language. Everyone on the team must be part of the show. Communication can also be practice during: sports games – football, mini golf, field games – stalking and others, paintball games, scenario games – criminal puzzles, etc.

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