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Set the product with a more expensive counterpart Comparing the product with a more expensive substitute, and thus showing that you do not have to pay a lot of money for high quality, is a simple and at the same time extremely effective method to increase the sales of overdue goods. A consumer for whom an expensive product is out of financial reach will see an opportunity that he will undoubtely take advantage of. Use cross-selling The answer to the question of how to sell a product is cross-selling! Cross-selling, or complementary selling.

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A sales technique consisting in offering customers to buy additional products to the main product – headphones, cases or screen protectors are offere for the phone. Offer a discount If you care about the quick sale of an overdue product, offer your Poland Phone Number List customers an attractive discount offer, preferably limite in time – -25% on a given product only during the weekend. Be sure to display the discounte article on the home page and take care of promotion in social meia. A favorable promotion is a great way to increase sales effectiveness.

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Commplace PR agency for ECOFLOW March 17, 2022 News ECOFLOW has.  Joine the wide portfolio of brands supporte by the Commplace PR agency. The PR agency will be responsible for ongoing communication and consulting KYB Directory activities in the area of ​​public relations. Under the contract, the PR agency will carry out external communication.  Including the development of meia messages regarding portable power stations offere by the brand and photovoltaic panels. The activities also include ongoing handling of journalists’ inquiries, or building meia.  Relations on behalf of the client as the company’s press team.

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