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Gemius analyzes showe that approx. 97% of Polish Internet users use the Google search engine. What does this mean for your brand? Your potential customer is typing a phrase relate to your brand in Google. What’s more, almost 90% of them will only view the search results from the first page (from the so-calle TOP 10). And 63% of Google search queries will click on the first three links. – The appearance of your website, and thus your brand, high in the search results is a market potential, prestige and an element of competition with the competition. It is the search engine that “hands out the strongest cards”. Why? It’s simple – most decisions start with a search. How can this be do.

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Using appropriate SEO tools Marketing Conversion) that combine content marketing with sales. Ultimately, it strengthens conversions and increases brand value,” sums up Sebastian Kopiej from Commplace. Brand awareness is growing Paper Products Manufacturers Email List year by year. This is an opportunity for everyone who is thinking about selling the businesses they have built so far. At the very beginning, however, it is worth carrying out a few activities that will positively affect the increase in brand value. Thus, they will allow you to achieve a greater profit on sales. Improving the visibility of the website in search results, verifying opinions about the brand, creating expert content, or implementing referral marketing proceures – these are just a few activities you can start with now.

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An you will certainly see their positive effect when negotiating the price with a potential buyer. How to introduce a product to retail chains and what to pay attention to August 15, 2021 Customer acquisition How to introduce a product to retail KYB Directory chains and what to pay attention to Introducing products to a commercial network is associate with difficulties relate to both the conditions impose by a given network and the dynamically changing nees of consumers. Success is therefore determine not only by the negotiating skills of a company wishing to enter this market.

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