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Only when they know what they are looking for (non-slip yoga mat, soy scente candles up to PLN 50) do they start comparing offers. Evaluation of available alternatives in the EKB model With a huge number of alternatives available on the market, customer experience is becoming more and more important . Even the biggest in the technology industry know this very well. More and more intuitive applications and simpler solutions are no accident. According to Temkin Group, companies earning over $1 billion a year can expect an additional $700 million in revenue growth after.

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Three years of investing in customer experience. Many customers evaluate the available solutions instantly – the lack of payment options they are intereste in or an ugly interface disqualifies the store and makes the customer look further. Creating websites where customers want to spend as much time as possible, taking care of positive opinions on Pharmacies Email List the web or the lowest possible prices – all this will give you an advantage in the third stage of the EKB model. Customer objections may arise at any time , which is natural at this stage of the process. Instead of treating them as failures, it is worth preparing for them. Provide customers with, for example, guides and tutorials on Youtube or a section with frequently aske questions to dispel their doubts when they arise.

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We recommend Relationship marketing and the low CLV dilemma Purchase – the culmination of the customer journey? In the past, entrepreneurs blindly built offers. Today, they know much more about how modern purchasing decisions work. Having KYB Directory an online store, you can follow step by step how the customer makes a decision. You see when customers abandon their carts and what puts them off, so you can continuously improve this stage of the EKB model. If you sell using a landing page or any sales funnel, you also have access to this data. Track where the traffic comes from, which link clicks result in a purchase, and at what point the customer is most likely to get discourage.

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