How To Increase Your Honeycomb Score To Boost

In this article, you will learn how to make your new product a hot item, how well your product sells well, and some helpful tips and practices for getting more exposure in Lazada search results using Honeycomb Score.

With thousands, if not millions of products on display, upgrading new items on Lazada requires passion, skill and patience. You need to excel at conveying your product information to customers with short attention spans.

To help sellers beat the tough competition, Lazada announced new features on their Growth and Diversity Pages.

The Growth and Assortment page is dedicated to helping sellers improve their new and existing products.

Let’s tackle the new item first.

Understanding Increasing New Items and Honeycomb Score


As a Lazada seller, your ongoing goal database is to drive more traffic and increase sales. One of the best ways to do this is to provide more products for your customers.

As opposed to existing products that have already built a customer base and market position, pushing a new product takes time, careful attention, and a bit of elbow grease to achieve customer familiarity.

This is where Boost New Item Lazada can come in handy.

All information about your product is found in this section including Product Name, Manufacture Date, Honeycomb score and level, and traffic performance such as the number of times your product is shown in results and the number of times customers visit your product page from search results.

Criteria for Achieving a High Honeycomb Score

It contains sub-criteria that will automatically determine your Honey Comb Score.

What is a Beehive Score


Any product updated or added within 30 days will be place under the Honeycomb page.

Honeycomb is a metric to be use specifically KYB Directory for new products. It is calculate based on several aspects of your store including item performance, store operations and sales performance.

A high Honeycomb score means Lazada will give your newly uploaded products an extra boost in traffic and visibility in search results.

Ideally, this is for sellers who have a good performance rating. In the case of a new seller, you can access the honeycomb page to check your product score.

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