How to Build a Solid Strategy For 2023

The Importance of an Email Marketing Strategy

Usually, email marketing is heavily focused on automation. The most common approach to this Whatsapp Database strategy is to plan a calendar and write content that will fit in it.

Then, the company uses tools to create triggers that activate certain actions and send the right message at the most appropriate time.

How about an example? Let’s say your company sells shoes and has an amazing ebook about different models and when to use them.

Your lead is interested in it and curious, so they give you their email address to get access to the content. That’s a trigger.

When activated, the automated tool immediately sends them not only the link to the ebook but also another article about pairing shoes with the right socks.

A week later — a time trigger —, you ask about their reading and start showing more rich information.

Or you start talking about what sets your shoes apart from other brands. Maybe they go well with anything. Maybe they match the lead’s style.

Now you have created a connection, a relationship. That is the power of email as a marketing channel.

It talks directly to the lead, and it is constant. These are two amazing key points for a successful advertising campaign.

It was only a simple example, but it shows a little about how it can boost your brand awareness and your sales.

Email Standing the Test of Time

Email marketing is a strategy for offering rich, smart, and relevant content directly to your leads via their inboxes.

It is an approach to build a long-term relationship by constantly contacting them in meaningful ways.

This plan can be adapted depending on what your audience expects from your brand. It can be a KYB Directory conversation, with articles and tips about subjects aligned with their interests.

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