Head of travel company reveals her key to success

Social media websites like facebook and twitter have been popular ways for consumers to keep in touch and connect with other individuals, but one ceo recently revealed that these sites are also changing the way that men and women plan trips.

Owner of omega world travel, gloria bohan, told online newspaper the free lance-star publishing co. That in many cases, people are using the opinions. Therefore, Head of travel company  of others posted on these sites to help them make decisions about where to go on their next vacation. And gloria bohan is capitalizing on this trend by attempting to incorporate social media into her empire. Therefore, which has reportedly more than 100 offices, 1,000 employees and $1 billion in annual revenue.

You have to be willing to make changes

Bohan said during a phone interview. ”you have to be willing to learn new products and adapt to new technologies.”

It is that type of mindset that has helped bohan become one of the most successful travel moguls in the world. Her business is now the the telemarketing list largest owned Head of travel company  and operated by a woman – bohan was admitted into the washington. Therefore, hall of fame in 2011 and has received the distinction of silver winner for lifetime achievement in the stevie awards for women in business.

Bohan told the source that one of the goals of her company, was to provide travelers with. Therefore, a computerized reservation system, 24-hour customer service and electronic billing functions. But, she says that one of the keys to the prolonged success of her. Therefore, company has been investing in technology and maintaining a business-savvy spirit.

Keeping the company diversified is really important

You have to look beyond having one type of service or product.

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