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Coaching is a way to bring out the dormant potential in an employee. The support of a professional coach can especially help experience employees who, for some reason, are unable to develop their careers further.How to write a phenomenal product description? March 13, 2022 Marketing strategy Almost 90% of customers admit that product descriptions are one of the main factors taken into account when making purchasing decisions. A well-constructe description will interest the recipient, make him want to own the advertise item. Good text will sell the product.

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But how to prepare a product description that will actually fulfill its function? A good product description is the key to success! 5 golden rules for writing effective descriptions A good product description is the key to success! The entrepreneur has Russia Phone Number List little time to interest a potential customer. If he wants to sell effectively and generate high profits, he must create effective descriptions – ones that will sell themselves. The product description is a form of advertising. The text should interest the potential buyer, encourage him to finalize the sale.

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We present 5 rules for writing effective descriptions that will translate into sales conversion. You don’t know how to write an effective product description? We have ways to do it! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you 5 golden rules for writing KYB Directory effective descriptions Write clearly Reading the product description should be light and pleasant. When creating content, avoid long, complex sentences. Sentence tapeworms are tiring for the reader. Write simply and at the same time interesting. Rather give up the passive voice. Whenever possible, use the active voice that will emphasize the action and give the content a rhythm.

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