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Less frequently, but it also happens that organizational problems in the company result from communication errors. Goals and vision are define, but… nobody knows about them. Then it is worth trying to let employees know what the proceures, expectations or strategies look like. Communication can be opaque, disrespectful or late, and these are just a few examples of communication issues within the company that affect the management organization.

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Are organizational problems in your company paralyzing your business? Check what we can do for you. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you When the problem is the human factor Organizational problems in the company also often affect Transportation Email List employees. The reasons are: staff fluctuation It is usually a symptom of organizational problems in the company. The reasons can be found out by conducting an anonymous survey among employees. Sometimes it is worth turning to someone from the outside who will conduct an audit in the company and objectively determine what is wrong. A frequent cause of staff fluctuation is unattractive financial conditions, bad atmosphere at work or lack of development prospects.

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Incorrect HR policy model adopte Among the HR policy models, there are also tendencies that change with the times. Today, for example, aggressive elimination models, such as the sieve model, can strongly discourage candidates from work. It is KYB Directory worth consciously adopting the HR policy model and clearly communicating to employees what they can expect. · low employee motivation Low motivation is cause by problems with an appropriate system of rewarding employees’ achievements. It is mainly about finances, but also about recognition in the company’s forum or expanding the scope of competence.

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