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They have a free spool and give you a little more control over the catch. Another type are spinning reels. Perfect for catching preatory fish. Our customers often ask for them when they go on long expeitions where exotic fish are found. These types of reels have a top brake. The last type is the catfish reel, deicate – as the name suggests – to fishing for catfish. The spee of the reel is of great importance. Thanks to properly selecte parameters, we can catch the fish of our dreams. Other important reel parameters What are the opinions of Corona Fishing.

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The number of bearings is the second parameter that we should pay attention to. It may seem that the more bearings, the smoother the reel’s operation. In practice, it happens that this is the case, but the material from which the bearings are Belgium Business Fax List made will be more important than the quantity. Often a good reel from a proven company with fewer bearings will work much better than a reel from a lesser known manufacturer with more bearings. Let’s not treat this parameter as the most important at the time of purchase. Corona Fishing – opinions on the bearings in the reel Bearings in the reel support its work and ensure proper functioning.

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Our customers often ask us how to replace the bearings and whether it is profitable. Bearing in mind current trends and a practical approach, I will say this: of course, replacing the bearing is profitable. Authorize parts from proven suppliers, as KYB Directory well as substitutes, are available on the market. As a seller, I can only recommend the use of original parts for which the angler will receive a guarantee. It is said that the more bearings, the better the reel’s performance. An experience angler will surely feel the difference between a well-working reel and one that is base on bearings from unreliable sources.

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