Continuous Thorough Analysis Of The Company

In the case of stores specializing in online sales, the time of shipment of goods is important, as well as the brand’s contact with the consumer. Demar wellingtons for children were positione by us – and still are – as high-class and comfortable footwear. Category leader? Children’s Demar rain boots The Demar company has a strong position on the market as a Polish footwear manufacturer. The brand is known among anglers and hunters. It produces durable rubber boots that will work in all weather conditions. Demar wellies for children are a new category.

Situation Market Changes

How to promote such a specialize brand among parents? Extensive marketing and reaching the customer through multiple channels is essential. What is important when building a brand communication strategy? Defining the target group. In the France Phone Number List case of a product such as children’s Demar rain boots, the recipients are parents, adults age 20+. Profiling the brand anew is a challenge, because mainly the manufacturer was associate with professional footwear for hunters and anglers. We recommend Demar continues to work with Commplace Demar children’s wellingtons and positioning The task of our agency was content positioning of the brand on the Internet.

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The Environment On The Basis

Research shows that almost 80 percent of Poles buy online. Women are much more likely to do this – they make up 53 percent of buyers. People age 35 to 49 are the most likely to shop online, accounting for 34 percent of shoppers. And why KYB Directory do Poles decide on such a solution? As much as 62 percent indicates that online stores are always available, also regardless of the pandemic situation. We remember when shopping malls were close during the pandemic. 53 percent of Poles indicate that online shopping is faster than those in brick-and-mortar stores, and 44 percent. says it’s cheaper online.

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