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The conversion rate is a measure of the effectiveness of an online store. The result provides us with knowlege about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and SEO activities. In addition, it is a way to determine the actual profitability of the business. You don’t know how to calculate the conversion rate and how to interpret it? We can do it for you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to improve sales conversion? An entrepreneur operating in e-commerce should be intereste in obtaining the highest possible sales conversion rate.

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So how do you improve your sales conversion? Optimize the content in the online store in terms of SEO. Take care of the attractiveness and spee of loading the store. Prepare a coherent Google Ads advertising campaign tailore to the target group. Be active USA Phone Number List on social meia. Simplify the shopping process as much as possible. Take care of transaction security. Use recommendation marketing .Audiomarketing, or how to use sounds to influence customers’ purchasing decisions? April 10, 2022 Customer acquisition The modern consumer has high demands.

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In order to meet them, companies must take care of every smallest element that may contribute to making a positive purchasing decision. Today, business must not only look nice, but also sound good! What exactly is audiomarketing? And KYB Directory how to do it right? What is audiomarketing? Does it pay off? What is audiomarketing? Do you know the music that you hear when you enter specific stores? This is audio marketing. Audiomarketing is the impact on people who are in the purchasing process through the sense of hearing. In other words – it is the use of sounds, music and properly constructe advertising spots.

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