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Maybe a special hat and mustache is the perfect disguise? However, before you give a theme, check all the creations of this detective. It’s best if you and your employees decide on a specific style. It is worth suggesting the stories of the author of stories about Sherlock. Hawaiian party Hawaii and other countries where it is always warm are one of the favorite themes of the participants. There are many rental shops where you can buy a Hawaiian skirt. Just like chains of colorful flowers. You can’t forget about special drinks and table decorations. Here fruit reigns, especially pineapples or coconuts.

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Drinks base on coconut liqueur and umbrellas stuck in appetizers are a classic element of such a party. Why do theme parties work so well for most teams? By determining the theme of the event, you can agree on a clear dress code. This is very important Bulk SMS Vietnam to many people. Especially those who are just starting work in a new team. They may not feel confident in it, which is why integration events are particularly stressful for them. Determining what will be the leitmotif of the integration event allows you to get rid of the element of awkwardness. Everyone knows how to dress and looks for the right outfit. Setting a theme is also an interesting way to improve the mood of the group.

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Everyone will compare their outfits, you can add a comic element. In this way, the atmosphere at the very beginning of the event will be much looser than in the case of stiff parties. Why is group integration important? You must remember that KYB Directory a well-coordinate and strong team is the key to your success. If your team is poorly organize, there are conflicts, stress sets in – it will cause worse results at work and a decrease in team motivation. group integration Group members are the driving force of your company: to climb to the top, you nee a well-coordinate, well-functioning team.

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