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Are you wondering where to organize integration culinary workshops for employees? We are a PR agency with our own Event Center! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Organization of culinary workshops The first basic aspect is the choice of which kitchen the employees would like to work with. You don’t necessarily have to choose exotics. Exploring the secrets of Polish cuisine can be equally fascinating. Especially if they are dishes of old Polish cuisine, which cannot be trie in traditional restaurants on a daily basis. The most common choice, however, is Mexican, Thai and Italian cuisine.

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An interesting idea is to dress up in the colors of a given country while cooking and organize a theme party with delicious meals after cooking – it will also diversify the joint integration. Another issue is the choice of location: it is important that Bulk SMS Singapore each employee has convenient access, which will not take more than several dozen minutes. It is worth renting a bus and going to workshops together as one good team. The most common choice is a hotel for integration events , which offers cooking workshops regardless of the culinary level of the team.

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Culinary workshops for companies are held under the supervision of professional chefs who, if necessary, are happy to provide advice and help. Such information aime at employees can be especially valuable if there are people in the team who are KYB Directory eager to consume, but not necessarily eager to cook. They might therefore be afraid that they will not be able to cope with the assigne task. Meanwhile, under the guidance of a value expert, they will manage with flying colors. We recommend Gastronomic consultancy – is it worth it? Culinary workshops for companies as part of team building.

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