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Sand and small stones also affect the quality and cleanliness of the reel. It is also not favore by high temperatures or salt from sea water. However, there are ways to clean the equipment and make it serve us as long as possible. What to do? Do not leave wet reels in their cases. It is necessary that they dry in a windy place. After fishing in salt water, rinse the reel thoroughly so that salt does not settle on the equipment. If any dirt appears, it is worth wiping it with a soft cloth on a regular basis. The reels are easy to care for, says the Corona Fishing expert. Anglers’ opinions are similar.

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For reel maintenance, a clean and well-lit area is neee to see any dirt. Cotton cloths or ordinary paper towels are ideal for cleaning the surface. Anglers also use brushes or old toothbrushes to reach the recesses of the reel and clean it Dubai Business Fax List thoroughly. Maintenance – let’s start with good habits: Corona Fishing reviews We always dry the reel thoroughly before storing it in the case. When fishing in salt water, salt deposits on the reel, which is harmful to the mechanisms. Equipment should always be rinse with fresh water. We try to remove any dirt on a regular basis. Drie bait is much more difficult to clean.

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The reel maintenance process itself is not a difficult task and it is worth getting acquainte with it at the beginning of your fishing adventure. For work, we nee tools that will help remove dirt (a lint-free cloth and a brush, or a brush, should do the job. For this we KYB Directory will nee greases and oils. The brand is not that important, the most important thing is that these are preparations intende for reels. Corona Fishing. Opinions about the habits of anglers „ The most important thing is to develop the right habits from the very beginning, from the beginning of the adventure with fishing. We take care to clean our equipment, and we also do this on a regular basis.

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