10 Tips for Creating Content Faster

Brainstorming topics that will resonate with a target audience takes time, effort, and know-how. Truly next-level content requires creativity and a knack for innovation, and you need to generate a lot of it if you’re serious about succeeding.

That said, it’s not hard to see why so many businesses, brands, and marketing teams struggle to keep up with today’s demanding content creation standards. Fortunately, it’s possible to have things both ways. Here’s a closer look at what every marketer should know about how to create content fast, well, and efficiently.


Content Planning and Research

Great content that yields incredible results doesn’t just happen. It results from Whatsapp Data plenty of careful planning, strategizing, and preparation.

According to research by CMI, only 40 percent of digital-age marketers have a formal strategy mapped out and documented. Perhaps 33 percent do have a strategy but nothing official or set in stone, and an astonishing 27 percent don’t have any strategy at all.

Ensuring your brand is part of that 40 percent taking content planning seriously enough to have a detailed strategy and follow a strict content production schedule is a great way to speed up your efforts without hurting the quality of your output.

When you know what you’ll create in advance, the process goes much smoother, and you complete projects faster. Be sure to take care of the following tasks as soon as possible.

For best results, shoot for having your entire content plan mapped out three weeks to a month in advance at all times.

Create Content Templates


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Keep your blog and social media feeds interesting by alternating content types and adopting efficient templates for each. Include streamlined templates for essential options like narrative blog posts, how-to guides, pillar posts, and more.

And don’t forget to include your email marketing KYB Directory and social media content as part of the mix.

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